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Random Hot Dude Of The Day


Random Hot Dude of the Day


Random Hot Dude of the Day


Kellan Lutz Is Hot And Doesn’t Want To Admit It


Kellan Lutz told Interview that he doesn’t think he’s pretty and that he’s not shirtless all the time. Just some of the time. And it just so happens that the paps always catch him like that. Like when he goes running every day WITHOUT A SHIRT. Hey, I’m not complaining. “I know a lot of people who run shirtless because they don’t want their clothes to get sweaty. I’m just a normal person,” he tells the magazine. Not sure I’ve heard that one before. I’m sure there are a lot of pudgy guys with man-titties who don’t want to get their shirt nasty either, but guess what? They keep it covered up. C’mon Kellan. You want to show off the wares, and you know it. Own it! And please, by all means, do not stop! Continue reading

Random Hot Dude of the Day


Random Hot Dude of the Day


Interview With A Go-Go Dancer

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