Tila Tequila Just Got 100% Whorier


I gotta hand it to Tila Tequila. I thought she had really maxed out her whore potential, but now that she’s bleached her hair the color of a My Little Pony mane, she’s managed to take her whore ante and raise it two chips. Good for her. I also gotta give her props for donning a pair of little red eyeglasses that I suppose are meant to suggest a bookish charm, but really they only make her look like a slutty porn star. Well, MORE of a slutty porn star. Bitch always looks like she’s ready to ride the banh mi, if you know what I’m saying. I bet she just wants to fling those glasses off, hop over the hotel reception desk, and go down on the pudgy concierge. I think he’s hoping that’s gonna happen to.

And by the way, what a classy establishment Tila has found herself in. The doofus behind the desk can’t even button up his shirt all the way. I guess that’s what happens when you stay at the WHORE SEASONS HOTEL. Oh snap. I totally got her.

SOURCE: Hollywood Tuna



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