Sex and the City 2 Poster Looks Like A Piece of Sandy Shizz


I don’t know what part of “City” involves a sweeping view of a sparkly desert, but that’s what we’ve got on the new poster for the Sex and the City 2 movie. First of all, where are Carrie’s other bitches? Maybe they got swallowed up by a sand devil. Or maybe they’re off behind one of those dunes trying to get the sand out of their ass wrinkles.

And seriously, wtf with the sand? Is this a metaphor about the barren state of all these women in their post-menopausal urban lifestyles? I’m confused. And I’m also confused as to why Inspector Carrie Bradshaw has hand-held bifocals. Was she doing some light reading whilst crossing the Sahara? Maybe she picked up the latest Nora Roberts book before her haute couture march across the Gobi. I’m starting to think this should be called Sex and the Sandy, but then that gives me way too many dirty (like literally dirty, not sexy dirty) images.

But yeah I’ll see this shit.


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