Ryan Phillippe Hates Abbie Cornish’s Cruel Intentions


Would it kill Ryan Phillippe to crack a smile once in a while? The guy walks around like he just got his dick run over by a lawnmower. Then again, I guess he’s allowed to be crabby because he and his longterm Aussie girlfriend Abbie Cornish just broke up after four years. It was supposed to be private and amicable, but then the chatty bitch went and told all the media. Who does that? Oh that’s right. Publicity whores. FROM AUSTRALIA. Blabby gabby blabby gabby, hoi hoi hoi!

Now Ryan has a new rule. He told Howard Stern that he’s only dating girls with no publicists. So in Hollywood that leaves… no one? We’ll see how long that pledge lasts. I give it all but two hours before he’s banging some starlet in the back room of Playhouse. Cruel intentions indeed. For now though, Team Ryan!



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